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Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1898 as part of the 4 branches: mechanical , agricultural, and chemical engineering . The first rector of the institute was a renowned scientist and educator VL Kirpichev , and the first Head of the State Examination Commission in 1903 - D.I.Mendelyeyev . Founders KPI embodied the best traditions of the famous European higher technical schools: Paris ' Ecole Polytechnic ", Aachen , Vienna , Magdeburg technical universities. The basis of the system of higher technical education was a combination of deep natural science , basic training in physics , mathematics, chemistry and other subjects of general engineering and obtain professional and practical skills in the production and research facilities. These principles KPI has throughout history.

Among the graduates of the CPI - the world-famous designer of aircraft and helicopters Sikorsky , founder of turbojet engines Arkhyp pipe designers rocket and space and aviation technology Sergei Korolev , Vladimir Chelomei , metallurgist Ivan Bardin, aviadvihuniv designer Alexander Mikulin .

The University at 10 institutes, 19 faculties , 152 departments 118 majors enrolled 21,265 students, 851 graduate student, 33 doctoral students . Research of the University is composed of : scientific part 28 faculties and institutes , 6 research institutes , 12 research centers , 5 educational and research centers, two design bureaus , Center for Cleaner Production and Certification Body of metal and woodworking equipment and machinery. Innovative activities are conducted in an innovative environment which includes : Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic " Technopark "Kyiv Polytechnic " Youth Business Incubator " Polytec " Student Incubator innovative ideas.

The University is one of the initiators and directly involved in higher education reform , the introduction of step education system, credit-modular technology of the educational process , the creation of applications for European Diplomas and resolve other issues in the Bologna Process .

Scientific research NTU "KPI" annually celebrated State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology.

In April 2007, at the Board of Education of Ukraine , it was decided to grant "KPI" status of the research university status was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 21.11.2007 year. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 03.02.2010 , the NTU "KPI" given the status of self-governing ( autonomous) research national university.

At present, the main goal of NTU "KPI" is to train highly qualified specialists and research for the development of economy of Ukraine in priority areas.

NTUU "KPI" web-site: http://kpi.ua