Department Subsections

At the department has two research and engineering laboratory , which conducted laboratory workshops, training and pre-diploma practice. Equipped educational- methodical study of Computer-aided design printing machines.

Branch of the Department of the state enterprise "Pressa Ukrainy" provides a series of subjects from forming , printing and Binding and binding equipment.

Practical and laboratory classes in prepress and printing processes that require modern equipment and controls are carried out at the Department MAPV offset machine GTO-52, together forming equipment, and laboratory manufacturing processes referred VPI NTU "KPI" firm "Heidelberg" (Germany) for permanent use . The laboratory is equipped with a computer- forming processes Preprint equipment company "Heidelberg". Department receives ongoing support printing companies : "Ukraina" publishers "Pressa Ukrainy", "Kyivsʹka pravda ", "Blitz Inform ", "Polihrafknyha",  "Knyha ", "Notna fabryka" and companies UPG "Heidelberg - Ukraine", "Intertechnodruk ", "Polihrafichni systemy", "Pres-Servis +" and others.