Department History

Organized in 1959 as a department of general engineering disciplines since 1989 – department MAPV. Department in charge: in the years 1959-1962 – senior teacher O.L. Artyuh, in the years 1962-1976 – docent F.A. Maryamova, in the years 1976-1984 – docent S.M. Ganzhurov, in 1984-2009 years – professor A. Petruk, from 2009 until 2018 – docent Y.O. Shostachuk .

Over the years worked at the Department experienced researchers and lecturers Prof. M. Levitsky , Assistant Professor FA Maryamova Professor S.M. Ganzhurov , associate P. Mandic , A. Boyko, V. Yanitskyy , Y.L. Barabbas , S.M. Yarema, B.A. Chern , senior lecturers S.A. Dyshlevskyy , G.T. Dezhurnyuk . They made a significant contribution to the study of special subjects , securing and developing relationships with engineering plant (JSC "Kyivpoligrafmash", "Odespolihrafmash", "Romnypolihrafmash" et al.). Scientific use of these professionals is widely known both in Ukraine and abroad (China, Germany, Poland, Russia), their inventions are widely used so far in serial production of machines for sewing thread and special types of printing machines.