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Pad printing single-color semi-automatic machineTDM TM-110.

The domestic pad printing machine is intended for drawing the image on details of a difficult configuration. For this purpose, a special elastic element is used - a tampon, which in contact with the printing form takes on a color image and transmits it to the product at the next contact. Due to its elasticity, the tampon tightly fits the complex surface of the product.
The machine implements the technological processes of applying ink to the printing plate and removing it from the blank elements, the contacts of the tampon with the printing plate and the product. Semi-finished products are fed into the printing area using a transport device - a turntable.
The peculiarity of the structural construction of the machine is that the printing plate with the ink tank is placed in a closed chamber during the stop and at steady operation of the machine.
The location of the printing plate in a closed chamber reduces the evaporation of the solvent from the ink, which contributes to the stability of the process, as well as the established density of the ink on the product during prolonged operation, which also reduces process stops and their duration. These factors, as well as the presence of a turntable, contribute to high productivity in the class of single-color pad printing machines.
The machine can be used in many industries:
· Radio-electrical (scales, keys, buttons, capacitors, etc.)
· Medical (ampoules, glass, etc.)
· Food (containers, packaging, bottle caps, etc.)
· Textile (buttons, buckles, etc.)
· Souvenir and advertising (pens, lighters, utensils, etc.).
Research and development developments are made and a prototype is made.
Received a patent of Ukraine "Rotary device" №237 from 15.01.1993