Department Subsections

At the department has two research and engineering laboratory , which conducted laboratory workshops, training and pre-diploma practice. Equipped educational- methodical study of Computer-aided design printing machines.

Branch of the Department of the state enterprise "Pressa Ukrainy" provides a series of subjects from forming , printing and Binding and binding equipment.

Practical and laboratory classes in prepress and printing processes that require modern equipment and controls are carried out at the Department MAPV offset machine GTO-52, together forming equipment, and laboratory manufacturing processes referred VPI NTU "KPI" firm "Heidelberg" (Germany) for permanent use . The laboratory is equipped with a computer- forming processes Preprint equipment company "Heidelberg". Department receives ongoing support printing companies : "Ukraina" publishers "Pressa Ukrainy", "Kyivsʹka pravda ", "Blitz Inform ", "Polihrafknyha",  "Knyha ", "Notna fabryka" and companies UPG "Heidelberg - Ukraine", "Intertechnodruk ", "Polihrafichni systemy", "Pres-Servis +" and others.

Teaching Staff



Anatoliy Vasyl'ovych Shevchuk -
doctor of technical sciences, professor,
Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine
, Head of the Department




 Shostachuk Y.A. – Docent, Ph.D. in technical sciences


Subjects: Printing machines and automatic production lines, modern publishing and printing machinery and equipment, performance optimization mechanisms and machines.



Gavva Oleksandr Mykolayovych – Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Subjects: Packaging Machinery, Fundamentals of development and construction of technological machines, development and construction of packaging machines, Research Methods technological systems and processing their results.


Palyukh Oleksandr Oleksandrovych – Ph.D. in technical sciences, docent

Subjects: Handling equipment, logistics, utilization of containers and packaging technology after printing processes.




Ivanko Andriy Ivanovych – Ph.D. in technical sciences, docent

 Subjects: Bookbinding equipment, CAD (Computer Aided Design cyclic arrangements printing machines), Mathematical modeling and automated calculations on a computer, Printing equipment - 3: Binding Equipment, Engineering calculations on a PC.





Kokhanovsʹkiy Vasylʹ Oleksandrovych –  Ph.D. in technical sciences, docent

 Subjects: Measuring instruments and processing the results of studies of printing processes, diagnostics industries, machinery and equipment of publishers and printers.


Grytsenko Dmytro Serhiyovych - Ph.D. in technical sciences, senior Lecturer





Department History

Organized in 1959 as a department of general engineering disciplines since 1989 – department MAPV. Department in charge: in the years 1959-1962 – senior teacher O.L. Artyuh, in the years 1962-1976 – docent F.A. Maryamova, in the years 1976-1984 – docent S.M. Ganzhurov, in 1984-2009 years – professor A. Petruk, from 2009 until 2018 – docent Y.O. Shostachuk .

Over the years worked at the Department experienced researchers and lecturers Prof. M. Levitsky , Assistant Professor FA Maryamova Professor S.M. Ganzhurov , associate P. Mandic , A. Boyko, V. Yanitskyy , Y.L. Barabbas , S.M. Yarema, B.A. Chern , senior lecturers S.A. Dyshlevskyy , G.T. Dezhurnyuk . They made a significant contribution to the study of special subjects , securing and developing relationships with engineering plant (JSC "Kyivpoligrafmash", "Odespolihrafmash", "Romnypolihrafmash" et al.). Scientific use of these professionals is widely known both in Ukraine and abroad (China, Germany, Poland, Russia), their inventions are widely used so far in serial production of machines for sewing thread and special types of printing machines.