Student's Life

Students are actively involved in the sporting life of the university. Thus, among these is the women's national team players "KPI"'s volleyball team and men's basketball teams. Over the years, the team shows good results and win prizes in competitions both urban and national level.


Women's national team "KPI" Volleyball is a champion of Kyiv (2006 - 2013 years), Kyiv Cup winner (2006 - 2013 years), silver medalist of the Student League of Ukraine (2007), bronze medalist of the Student League of Ukraine (2008, 2010), bronze medalist of the Open Championship of Kyiv common-League (2013), silver medalist of the Cup of Kyiv common-League (2013).

Women's volleyball team of NTUU "KPI"


Men's national team "KPI" Basketball is a five-time winner of the Cup of the Student Association of the trade union in Kyiv (2007 - 2009, 2011, 2012), ruler of Kyiv Supercup Spa 2011, bronze medal at the All-Ukrainian Student Basketball Association (VBSA) 2010 and 2012, winner of the first National Students festival team sports (2012), the team entered the top eight in the first draw of International Student basketball League (2013).

Team of NTUU "KPI" basketball after winning the First Ukrainian Festival of team sports (Kharkiv, 2012).