Teaching Staff


Shostachuk Y.A. – Docent, Ph.D. in technical sciences, Head of the Department.

Subjects: Printing machines and automatic production lines, modern publishing and printing machinery and equipment, performance optimization mechanisms and machines.



 Mamonov Yuri Petrovich    Docent, Ph.D. in technical sciences.

Subjects: Process automation in the printing industry, management course and diploma projects specialists, masters and Ph.D. students of the specialty "Printing machines and automated systems".


Gavva Oleksandr Mykolayovych – Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Subjects: Packaging Machinery, Fundamentals of development and construction of technological machines, development and construction of packaging machines, Research Methods technological systems and processing their results.


Palyukh Oleksandr Oleksandrovych – Ph.D. in technical sciences, docent

Subjects: Handling equipment, logistics, utilization of containers and packaging technology after printing processes.




Ivanko Andriy Ivanovych – Ph.D. in technical sciences, docent

 Subjects: Bookbinding equipment, CAD (Computer Aided Design cyclic arrangements printing machines), Mathematical modeling and automated calculations on a computer, Printing equipment - 3: Binding Equipment, Engineering calculations on a PC.



Panov Serhiy Lʹvovych – Ph.D. in technical sciences, docent

Subjects: Theory of mechanisms and machines, machine parts, Applied Mechanics.



Vikhotʹ Oleksiy Mykolayovych – Senior Lecturer

Subjects: Assembling and the forming equipment, Copiers.



Kokhanovsʹkyy Vasylʹ Oleksandrovych –  Ph.D. in technical sciences, Senior Lecturer

 Subjects: Measuring instruments and processing the results of studies of printing processes, diagnostics industries, machinery and equipment of publishers and printers.


Grytsenko Dmytro Serhiyovych - assistant