Teachers Publications

List of publications of the department MAPV:

Kyrychok Tetiana. Banknote Paper Deterioration Factors: Circulation Simulator Method / Tetiana Kyrychok, Anatolii Shevchuk, Victor Nesterenko, Petro Kyrychok // BioResources/ - 2015. – Vol. 9 (1). P. 710-724.

Іvanko A.І. Method of sheet material trimming without using counter-knife / A.І. Іvanko, O.S. Marchenko. Технологія і техніка друкарства / НТУУ “КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського”. Київ, 2017. Вип. 3(57). С. 36-42.

Ivanko А. Cardboard sheet cutting with air-operated conveying devices using / А. Ivanko // International research and practice conference “Modern methods, innovations, and experience of practical application in the field of technical sciences”. - Radom Academy of Economics. – Radom, Republic of Poland; - 2017. – P. 116–119.

Ivanko А.І. Use of pneumatic devices for manufacturing cardboard reamers / А.І. Ivanko, O.V. Pidvyshenna // International scientific and practical conference «Science, engineering and technology: global and current trends» / Czech technical university in Prague, Czech Republic. - 2019. - P. 120-122.

Gavva O., Krivoplyаs-Volodina L., Kohan O. Ways to  increase  dosing precision of granular food  products the batcher of discrete action. Journal of food and packaging. Science, Technique and Technologies. Year V, № 9, 2016. - с. 55 - 57.

Gavva O., Iakymchuk M., Tokarchuk S.  Scientific  and  technical  improvement  of  functional modules  of  formation  of  structural  elements  of  group package. Journal of food and packaging. Science, Technique and Technologies. Year V, №10, 2016. - с.31-35.

O. Hrytsenko, V. Shvalagin, G. Grodziuk, N. Andriushyna. The influence of parameters of ink jet printing on photoluminescence properties of nanophotonic labels based on Ag nanoparticles for smart packaging. Journal of Nanomaterials. – 2017. – Vol. 2017. – P. 1–7

O. Hrytsenko, V. Shvalagin, G. Grodziuk, M. Kompanets. The use of carbon nanoparticles for inkjet-printed functional labels for smart packaging. Journal of Nanomaterials. – 2018. – Vol. 2018. – P. 1–10.

Textbooks and monographs

1. Technical maintenance and repair of printing machines [Electronic resource]: a textbook for students. specialty 133 "Industrial Engineering", specialization "Computerized printing systems" / V. O. Kokhanovsky; KPI them. Igor Sikorsky. - Electronic text data (1 file: 2.8 MB). - Kyiv: KPI named after Igor Sikorsky, 2018. - 240 p .; The stamp was provided by the Academic Council of the University (prot. № 6; date 04.06.2018).

2. Kirichok P.O., Roik T.A., Gavrish A.P., Shevchuk A.V., Vitsyuk Y.Y. The latest composite materials of friction parts of printing machines: Monograph.- K .: NTUU KPI, 2015. - 428 p.

3. Kotlyarov VP Laser dimensional processing. Electronic edition. Visual aids. Kyiv: NTUU "KPI", 2015. - 428 p.