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The department trains specialists (bachelor, specialist, master's degree) majoring in "Printing machines and automated systems ": design, construction, maintenance, diagnostics, assembly and organization of repair and service departments printing companies, printing machines and repair of automated systems and special machines purpose.

The department opened the specialization "Computerized printing systems"

Areas of graduates: design, engineering and manufacturing of new printing machines and automated systems, organization and carrying out installation, repair and maintenance of modern printing equipment, chief engineer and chief engineer of printing companies, scientific work.

Main areas of research: comprehensive study of printing processes and equipment, development and optimization of mechanisms and machines printing production.

If the department created the modern laboratory prepress, printing and post printing processes together with the enterprises of Ukraine and foreign firms ("Heidelberg", "KBA").

Branch of the Department, created in GP "Pressa Ukrainy" and OJSC "Kyivpoligrafmash" provide a series of courses forming, printing and binding equipment - Binding.

Students are trained in the factories of companies "Heidelberg" and "KBA" (Germany) and in modern enterprises of Ukraine.

Professional qualifications : managers and highly qualified professionals and technical service departments of enterprises printing and packaging production.

Enterprises BE specialist: typography, mills, factories, scientific, design organizations, organizations for the diagnosis and maintenance of printing and packaging machinery.

Activities of the Department aims to train highly qualified professionals that meet all the requirements of production : the computerization of modern production, the integration of scientific and technological progress in the educational process, the development of modern printing production.

The best graduates are leading specialists in firms :

  • Publishing "Pressa Ukrainy";
  • PC "Urkaina";
  • "Kyivpoligrafmash";
  • Publishing "Kyivsʹka pravda";
  • "Heidelberg presses - Ukraine";
  • "Ukrainsʹka polihrafichna grupa";
  • "Taki spravy" ;
  • "Blitz -Inform" ;
  • Firm "NISSA", and so on.

There is no printing company, which would not have worked alumni department "Machine and printing production units".

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Conditions of entry for foreign citizens - - See more at:


Conditions of entry for foreign citizens - - See more at:



Conditions of entry for foreign citizens - - See more at: