Job Fair «beAhead. Spring 2016 "

     From April 20 to 22 April 2016 in "KPI" will be held job fair «beAhead. Spring 2016 ". The purpose of the event - strengthening vocational work among students, promote the establishment of contacts between graduates and employers to familiarize students with the labor market conjuncture.

     The fair will be held indoors corps №18, in the lobby of the second floor.

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The «Young teacher-researcher - 2015"

     The department congratulations its senior lecturer Dmitry Gritsenko with a victory in the competition "Young teacher-researcher - 2015" NTUU "KPI" and wish further achievements!

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Attention to those wishing to enter training programs at the bachelor, master / expert in a specialty "Printing machines and automated systems"

     With programs entrance test for admission to training in educational and vocational training program for bachelor, master / expert specialty 8 (7) .05050317 "Printing machines and automated systems" program entrance test for admission to professional assembly test is available here.

Key dates 2016 and UPE list of competitive subjects for admission to PPI

Infographics major testing dates 2016 and list of competitive subjects for admission to specialization PPI.