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  The department staff

Created in 1989 (functioned as a department of general engineer disciplines from 1959 year).

Head of the Department: prof. Shevchuk Anatoliy Vasyl'ovych, D.Hab. in technical sciences.

The Department prepares specialists on specialization "Computerized printing systems" specialty "Engineering".

Basic directions of scientific and technical activity: optimization of construction of graphic arts machines, synthesis of cyclic mechanisms and development of new generation structures, including equipment of the special types of printing.

Qualification of graduating students: bachelor of engineering (incomplete higher education); engineer-mechanic (higher education); engineer-researcher (higher education).

Type disciplines: "Printing machines", "Bases of planning", "Mechanics of printing machines and automates", "Printing computer-aided manufacturing", "Repair and exploitation of graphic arts machines", "Equipment for special types of printing", "Technology of printing engineering", CAD, and others like that.

Types of activity of specialists: engineer-research, designer, organizational work, exploitation and repair of printing equipment, management and organization of service areas.

Basic work industries of future specialist: printing productions and engineering (printing-houses, combines, factories; scientific research, project-design organizations, areas of copying technique and decorating wares, making of containers and packaging, service centers).

Graduating students work on positions: mechanics of workshop; mechanics is from repair; engineer from organization, exploitation and repair; labor and accident prevention protection; engineer-designer; junior scientist; engineer from scientific and technical information, equipment and new technique; manager of machine-building firms, organizer of service areas; assistant and teacher.

Laboratories of graphic arts machines and CAD, Heidelberg educational-demonstration center function at the Department.