There is planned the thesis defense of Dmytro Grytsenko – an assistant of department of machines and units of printing production of Institute of Publishing and Printing NTUU "KPI".

At the meeting of the specialized scientific council D 26.002.10 NTUU "KPI" there will be held the defense of the thesis for a degree of candidate of engineering sciences of Dmytro Grytsenko "Improving transport devices of pad printing machines using cam mechanisms" on a specialty 05.05.01 - “Machines and Processes of Printing Production”.

The thesis is devoted to a complex research of cam mechanisms of periodic rotation for a drive of products transporting devices to the printing area of pad printing machines. Studies of existing equipment have given a possibility to create a classification of pad printing equipment and determine criteria for comparing mechanisms of periodic rotation.

The analytical studies of kinematic and dynamic characteristics of a drive of a stepper transporting device were carried out, they were confirmed by experimental research, the method of determining the position error of carrying units relative to printing elements was suggested.

Analytical researches of cam mechanism of periodic rotation and computer simulations have given an opportunity to obtain the geometric dimensions of cam mechanism with ensuring accurate reproduction of required parameters by executive units.